CCO-Certified Personnel Reduce the Risk of Loss and Accidents

They have the skills and knowledge to meet federal OSHA regulations and ASME B30 standards; in addition to your own state/local and company safety policies.

CCO Certifications Are Recognized In All 50 States By OSHA

In the event that your employees need to work on-site at another location across the nation, there certification will be recognized as valid.

CCO-Certified Personnel Demonstrate Your Company's Commitment to Crane Safety

This commitment will boost your company's reputation in your industry, help you earn a reputation of safety, or ensure you maintain an existing reputation for safety in your industry.

In hiring CCO-certified personnel, and/or getting your personnel CCO training and examinations, you demonstrate to your clients, potential clients, and employees that safety is a top priority.

Your Company Can Apply With the NCCCO For Their Committed to Crane Safety Program

Just simply applying to the NCCCO's program to be recognized, will identify your company as one that strives for excellence in its hiring and training efforts. Some of the benefits to qualifying are the rights to use the "Proudly Employing" CCO logo in your marketing and advertising; your company will be listed in the Committed to Crane Safety Employer Recognition Directory; a wall plaque to display to your employees, clients, and prospective clients; local and national recognition for your company's achievement; and consideration to be featured in the company spotlight on Committed to Crane Safety Magazine, ACT, and CCOnline newsletter.


Your company will be giving its employees something to be proud to be part of, feel good about, and foster a culture of safety and top-notch work ethic. Additionally you'll be giving your clients and potential clients a very good reason to stay with YOU, or make the choice to patronize your business over another.

SO, in order to reap all of these benefits, you need CCO-trained and certified employees. At Craneology Inc., that very subject is our expertise! Our training courses for LBC, TLL, TSS, STC, RIG I & II, and SGP strictly adhere to OSHA and ASME B30 standards. Our trainers are also accredited NCCCO Examiners, and we have our own LBC, TLL, and TSS cranes on-site for a hands-on training experience. Or, we will travel to your site location to administer CCO training and Examinations. We're both a written and practical CCO exam site...a one-stop-shop for all of your needs! Contact us today, to schedule your employees for our group courses.

Craneology, Inc. is a registered “Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business” and a minority-owned business, whose main objective is to provide comprehensive training courses and certification examinations. Craneology, Inc. achieves this objective through its team of expert trainers from the various fields within the Crane and Rigging Industry. Craneology, Inc. has provided training and certification services locally, and around the globe. We look forward to working with you!