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CCO Certification Training & Examination

Riverside CTY, CA

NCCCO Signalperson Certification Overview

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO)is nationally recognized as the "Gold Standard", and has unrivaled credibility as the leader in the professional credentialing of Crane Operators, Riggers, and Signalpersons. Many states require certification and only acknowledge licenses obtained through NCCCO by an accredited provider.You can find Craneology in the NCCCO's list of accredited Proctors for:

Written Exam Outline

This exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, and candidates have 60 minutes to complete it. The exam evaluates the following knowledge areas:

1. Know the ASME B30.5 standard hand signals for mobile cranes

2. Know the ASME B30.3 standard hand signals for tower cranes

3. Know the necessity of moving the load while remaining visible to the operator

4. Know the importance of providing clear and visible hand signals

5. Know the importance of keeping in constant communication and understanding with the operator
1. Know the proper use of the equipment being used as well as the benefits and limitations

2. Be aware of communication barriers, i.e. wind, language, interference

3. Know the importance of ensuring fully charged batteries are used and communication device is in acceptable working order

4. Know the importance of keeping constant communications and understanding with the operator

5. Know the standard as per ASME B30.5 pertaining to function/direction, speed and/or distance and function/stop

6. Understand the importance of operator perspective while swinging

7. Know what action to take if the operator is not following signals correctly
1. Know the basic crane terminology and definitions

2. Understand the effect of size, shape, weight and center of gravity of load being lifted

3. Understand boom deflection and how to compensate for it

4. Know the effect a moving load has on a crane

5. Understand that boom length, angle and load weight may effect boom deflection

6. Know the importance of keeping hoist line vertical when load is applied

7. Understand what causes drift and how to compensate for it

8. Know the effects of side loading

9. Know the causes and consequences of two blocking

10. Know the importance of keeping personnel from path of load

11. Understand when applying load to crane that center of gravity needs to be below the boom tip
1. Know the importance of reviewing lift requirements with site supervision/operator/crew

2. Know how to identify and avoid hazards and obstacles

3. Understand the effects of weather conditions

4. Know how and when to use voice or hand signals

5. Know the emergency procedures
1. Know the applicable OSHA and ASME standards including, but not limited to:
a. People under loads
b. Suspended personnel platforms
c. Hand signal posting requirements

2. Know the electric power line hazards and applicable regulations and safety practices
Practical Exam

This exam consists of 30 scenarios. There is no time limit for this exam.

For more specific and broken down detail regarding the Signalperson Practical Exam and associated tasks, please visit the NCCCO's website.

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